A Serbian Film (aka Srpski film) (2010)

Milo (Srdjan Todorovic), an aging pornstar, is enticed back into the world of filmmaking by a generous offer from the mysterious Vukmir (Sergej Trifunovic). The only information that Milo is given about the project is that it is an ‘art film’, being produced for an elite clientele, and, although suspicious, Milo agrees; the money earned will set him and his family up for rest of their lives.

Stupid Milo…
…very stupid…
Where to begin reviewing this? A Serbian Film is an exploitation film, and you, the viewers (if you watch it that is), are the exploited. For the most part it’s a standard thriller, well produced and solid acting throughout, but there are four or five scenes which truly shock and disturb. One of these five (at about 55 minutes in) seems to have been thrown in there just to get people talking; it has no direct relevance to the story and you will wish you had never seen it.
It is because of this scene and to a lesser extent some of the others that I recommend you do not watch A Serbian Film; I did, you don’t have to. It will not enrich your life in any way; it may, in fact, take a little bit of you away as price for viewing it.
You have been warned.


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