Colin (2008)

Colin (Alastair Kirton) has been bitten by a zombie; follow him as he joins the ranks of the undead, exploring what this new existence has to offer.

Colin is an insightful look at a day in the ‘life’ of a freshly turned zombie, as he (it?) journeys through the streets of London. Not surprisingly there is little dialogue throughout the movie, making it all the more remarkable that you begin to feel empathy for Colin as the story unfolds; a story which has much more depth than you might first imagine.
There are glimpses of other stories throughout Colin, serving to hint at the breakdown of society, and some flashback scenes, to let the viewer see what happened to Colin immediately preceding his fatal bite. Both of these devices nicely break up our hero’s shambling progress and lend him a pinch more humanity than he actually possesses.
Rumoured to have cost only £45 to make, Colin is the ultimate low budget horror movie, but don’t let the budget put you off watching it; there are worse horror movies than Colin that cost an awful lot more money to produce, and the unique perspective and strong script more than makes up for the shaky camera work and occasional dark lighting.
Colin was written, produced and directed by the same guy, Marc Price; it would be fascinating to see what sort of film he could produce given a more generous budget and the freedom to use it.
A worthwhile watch, especially for zombie film fans.

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