Deadgirl (2008)

Cutting class for the day two senior high school kids, Rickie a wannabe rebel, and J.T. a borderline sociopath, go to an abandoned asylum on the edge of town to drink beer and break stuff. During these intellectual pursuits they happen upon a girl; bound, naked and covered in a sheet of plastic. At first she seems to be dead but on closer examination shows signs of life. Rickie wants to free her but J.T. has some other ideas…
Deadgirl is one sick puppy of a movie; a coming of age story meets torture flick with an unhealthy slice of the undead. The subject matter is dark and depraved, featuring scenes of torture, bondage and rape, seeking to answer questions you never wanted to know the answer to about what might be going on in the mind of a teenager.

The dead girl of the title, played by the stunning Jenny Spain, deserves a special mention as she spends most of the movie naked, in a series of uncomfortable looking positions. Young actor Noah Segans’ also does a great job with his portrayal of the sadistic J.T.; a nasty piece of work, truly unlikable.

Deadgirl is extreme cinema, but it pulls some of its punches, suggesting violence instead of showing every minute detail. That’s not to say there isn’t plenty of gore but the real horror here comes from the twisted actions of Deadgirl’s many morally ambiguous and sadistic teenage characters. The gore is secondary.
A disturbed 3.5 out of 5.

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