Fido (2006)

I watched Fido recently, having missed it when it first came out and having put it off for one reason or another after that. I usually jump at the chance to watch anything zombie related, and I have been known to sit through some very, very, very bad zombie movies indeed but the thoughts of Billy Connolly as one of the undead filled me with foreboding. And domesticated zombies? Surely not!I needn’t have worried though as Fido works brilliantly.

Set in a world inspired by 1950’s America but after a particularly vicious Zombie War, we find a young boy, Timmy, neglected by his father and with nobody else to turn to for companionship but his pet zombie Fido. All is well until Fido’s electronic pacifying device malfunctions and he develops a taste for the neighbours.

A pleasantly surprised 4 out of 5. Phew!

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