Grotesque (aka Gurotesuku) (2009)

A sadistic doctor abducts a young couple on their first date and tortures them in turn as the other watches helplessly. He cruelly offers one of them a chance to go free…

This review is about the unrated version of Grotesque which, at 73 minutes runtime, is just 4 minutes longer than the censored version. Only 4 minutes of this was cut by the censor? How do they choose which parts to cut? Where do they draw the line? There’s plenty of choice in Grotesque: Chainsaw amputations; eye-gouging; sexual sadism; genital mutilation. A difficult movie to watch at times. Not surprisingly banned by the British Board of Film Classification.

Oh, and the doctor guy in this movie is a real dick…

A wincing 3 out of 5.

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