Rammbock (aka Siege of the Dead) (2010)

Rammbock, or Siege of the Dead as it’s called outside of Germany, is a well thought out,
intelligent zombie movie of similar grain to 28 Days Later and its sequel.The movie begins with Michael, our ‘hero’ arriving at his girlfriends flat to drop off his set of keys just as a sudden, rage inducing virus hits Berlin. Michael finds himself trapped in his girlfriends flat with Harper, a young plumber, a limited supply of food and no idea where his girlfriend has gone.

The storyline of Rammbock is tense; exaggerated by the innate normality of the main characters. The effects are of a really high standard with suitably disgusting fluids everywhere. Even the length of the movie fits well to the story being told; at just an hour long I would normally complain but here it fits just right.

5 out of 5.

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