Red Mist (aka Freakdog) (2008)

Kenneth, a disturbed hospital worker, has a crush on Catherine, a doctor in training, but is picked on by everyone else. After a night of partying, Kenneth is left in a coma, but that doesn’t stop him from seeking revenge on those responsible for putting him there.

Like the other movies directed by Paddy Breathnach, psychedelic slasher Shrooms and crime comedy I Went Down, Red Mist was also filmed in Ireland; but unlike the other two movies Red Mist is set in the USA. Thankfully this isn’t as bad as it sounds; it would have been far worse to have filmed it in the USA and set it in Ireland. The horror!

Red Mist  is an enjoyable watch. The story is interesting with plenty of edge-of-the-seat moments and the American accents don’t stand out as being fake either. You will find it difficult not to cringe during the acid-funnel scene.

3 out of 5.

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